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Helping Hands

Our Helping Hands initiative is available now to offer assistance to our community in times of critical need. This help can take various forms, such as checking in on an individual, preparing and/or delivering food, helping with transportation, temporary accommodation, technical assistance, shopping, etc. If you need help simply reach out to either Houtoxi or Zarrir and they will find a Helping Hands volunteer that can assist you. Houtoxi Contractor (412) 445-1533  huty.contractor@

Zarrir Bhandara (562) 331-9973 zbhandara@

ZAC Committee for 2018-2019

President:  Houtoxi Contractor
Vice President: Nauzer Commissariat
Treasurer: Hilla Machhi
Joint Secretary #1: Sheila Madon
Joint Secretary #2: Manek Dustoor
Program Chairperson: Zubin Taraporevala
Youth Coordinator: Roxanne Unwalla  

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ZAC has signed up as an affiliate with Amazon.  If you make purchases from Amazon, please click on the link below and ZAC will get a percentage of your purchase.  This will not cost you anything extra but it will enable you to support ZAC.  Thank you.

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